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My SEO Intake process starts with pinpointing optimal keywords for your website using keyword research tools. I will also identify keyword opportunities by analyzing your competitors sites. Once we’ve organized the keywords, I will login and review your website, configure Yoast Plugin + Other SEO tools, then create an SEO strategy to rank the site higher using Google’s local search ranking factors. I will provide you with detailed website optimization instructions, based on those phrases, any technical recommendations will be noted. Here’s what I offer: =========================
*Wordpress SEO Service*

βœ… Keyword List – based on your SEO intake, website, competitor keywords, and multiple tools including Google Autocomplete + Keyword Planner. One revision is included to ensure a full, data-driven keyword list. A blog post keyword list is also included based on the article topics you include in the SEO intake, competitors, and newly researched keywords. Once these lists are created, they will serve as a keyword map used to optimize both existing content, and create newly optimized content (new content = more keywords so please be prepared to add content to the website/blog which is usually an ongoing task in SEO).

βœ… Yoast Configuration – I will configure Yoast with the same settings recommended in my tutorial.

βœ… Content Optimization Recommendations – I will make recommendations based on how you’re currently optimizing content (eg. using Yoast) and other optimizations like content length, design, duplicate content, social media optimization, cornerstone content, other strategies.

βœ… Website Speed – review items in your GTmetrix report and provide WordPress-specific instructions to improve load times. This is usually done through image optimizations, configuring a cache plugin, CloudFlare (free), MaxCDN (90/year), and other factors from your GTmetrix report. Feel free to sign up for CloudFlare + MaxCDN if you don’t have them already.

βœ… Citation Analysis – these are your main profiles like Google My Business, Bing Places, Superpages, etc, which are 30% of local SEO. Your top 15 citation profiles will be analyzed to make sure they’re complete, consistent, and contain no duplicates. The audit will include links to profiles to get listed on, duplicate profiles that should be deleted, and inconsistencies to correct.

βœ… Citation List – quantity/quality of citations are the #2 and #5 ranking factors. Because these are so important, the audit will also include a list of 30 additional citations to list your business on based on industry/location. You can build these yourself or I can build them for $10 per citation.

βœ… Google Analytics – tracking code installation, IP address exclusion (to avoid data pollution), and 7 custom dashboards will be installed to segment your data into specific metrics. I will include basic recommendations to improve the website and content, and it will measure traffic from SEO, but let me know if there are specific metrics/goals you would like to see/measure.

βœ… Google Search Console – submit your Yoast XML sitemap to Google, Bing, Yandex (will set these up if needed). A list of 404 pages to create redirects for (with instructions), and mobile, security, indexing errors if applicable. Targeted country will be set to the United States (or another).

βœ… Miscellaneous Recommendations – there will likely be some miscellaneous things I will notice when digging through your website/SEO, and will provide recommendations on those. These services are all a part of my WordPress SEO Audit. I can either bundle these services or perform them individually. The price of my full SEO Audit is $700.

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