Domain Names & Hosting

Before you build a website for your business or brand you have to purchase a Domain Name and Web Hosting. You domain is the actual “world wide web”, “www” address your site directs its visitors to ex: “”

Web Hosting is the online property your website actually sits on. How it works is a web hosting provider (i.e. GoDaddy Siteground, Bluehost, etc) basically rents you server space either by the month or by the year. You have to have web both a domain name and a web hosting provider to make any type of website.

Be sure to purchase your domain name and web hosting from the same company. This saves you the stress of dealing with two companies for billing, customer service and technical issues such as Site Migration, Domain Transfers, Security etc.

Lastly it is extra important to purchase an SSL certificate for added security as well as SEO Bonuses. Hosting providers like Siteground offer the service for free with their hosting plans.

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