Domain Names & Hosting

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Before you build a website for your business or brand you have to purchase a Domain Name and Web Hosting. You domain is the actual “world wide web”, “www” address your site directs its visitors to ex: “” Web Hosting is the online property your website actually sits on. How it works is a web … Read more

WordPress SEO

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My SEO Intake process starts with pinpointing optimal keywords for your website using keyword research tools. I will also identify keyword opportunities by analyzing your competitors sites. Once we’ve organized the keywords, I will login and review your website, configure Yoast Plugin + Other SEO tools

WordPress Speed

wordpress speed services by sites by yogi

I can easily boost your Wordpress site speed in 5 steps. The process normally takes 10-15 hours more or less depending on the number of plugins. I’ll work on your project at a fixed price, so no need to be worried about time. I use these web tools to analyze site performance: